Moorteufel diploma

The ideal fun program for groups and clubs.

It is a consisting of 6 disciplines divided into 3 stations (connected to a wagon ride) in which participants in such tasks

• "peeling potatoes",
• "can throwing",
• "egg throwing",
• "shoe throwing",
• "balance Torfsoden" and
• "push Torfkarre" try.

Duration of the diploma about 2.5 hours.

Prices Moorteufel diploma with carriage and Diploma ceremony: 
10.50€ per person from 30 participants
14.50€ per person with approx 20 participants
18.50€ per person with approx 10 participants

Lunch, e. g. rich vegetable stew with insert and bread 6.00€

Coffee and butter cake in the moor 4.00€

Dinner by arrangement, for example, schnitzel eating 12.50€

Moorteufel diploma only in combination with a lunch or dinner.

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