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3 Sterne Hotel Daub Bremervörde

Bremervörde - located in the heart of the Elbe-Weser triangle - is the ideal location for your stay in northern Germany.

The "Oste", a river popular with anglers (guest tenders are available in the city) and boat owners, as well as the Vörder See for sailors or just pedal boating. A walk or a small bike ride are also very possible, as a paved path lines the entire Vörder lake.

In the immediate vicinity of the lake you will find the„Nature and adventure park“, the „House of the forest“, the „environmental pyramid“, Play areas and lawns.

Bremervördes Downtown invites you to stroll and shop.

For larger tours, the "metropolises" such. Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen or Hamburg on you.
All cities can also be reached by rail.

Further destinations for excursions are Stade and the "Alte Land" or the„Lüneburger Heide“.

A ride with the Moorexpress is definitely recommended. Look here for more information.

The island Helgoland you can with the ship u. a. from Bremerhaven or Cuxhaven.


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BRV Urlaubserlebnisse 2024 / 2025

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Activities around Bremervörde

•    Surrounding cycle routes (day trips from Bremervörde, cycle path from Teufelsmoor to the Wadden Sea, Oste cycle path)
     Look here for more information.
•    Surrounding NORTH PATHS (Vörder See-Osteland, Hinterholz and Hohenmoor, Hinzel, Holzbruch-Malse, Ostetal)
      For more information see here.
•    Paddling on the Oste and SUP on Vörder See
      You can search for more information here.

Attractive excursion destinations in the HOLIDAY and LEISURE region of the district of Rotenburg (Wümme)

•    Historic Pape brick factory in Bevern
      For more information see here.
•    NSG Huvenhoopsmoor with moor tower and moor adventure trail
      More information can be found here.
•    Camp Sandbostel Memorial
      Look here for more information.
•    Grosses Holz leisure area with educational forest trail and adventure playground
      For more information see here:
•    NSG Tister farmer's moor with moor railway, observation tower and the Burgsittensen monastery estate in the immediate vicinity
      Look here for more information.
•    LandPark Lauenbrück
      You can look here for more information.
      and the story about it
•    Scheeßel local history museum with blue print exhibition
      More information can be found here.
      and the story about it
•    NSG Great and White Moor with hiking trails, moor adventure zone and the Great Bullensee
      For more information see here.

NORDPFADE – flat, wide, unique!

Did you know that northern Germany is also great for hiking?

Our 24 NORTH PATHS offer you 5 to 32 km long half-day, day and multi-day tours that lead through a varied landscape, idyllic villages and tranquil small towns.

The following NORTH PATHS are in the vicinity of our house.

•    NORDPFAD Vörder See - Osteland (20,9 km)
      Special nature experiences in the vast meadow landscape of the Oste
•    NORDPFAD Hinterholz und Hohenmoor (14,1 km)
      Quiet corners between Elm and Mulsum
•    NORDPFAD Hölzerbruch - Malse (13,4 km)
      On picturesque paths through forests and stream valleys
•    NORDPFAD Hinzel (14,1 km)
      A multifaceted forest - an experience in every season
•    NORDPFAD Ostetal (10,6 km)
      Untouched river landscape that enchants everyone

If you would like to find out more about the 24 NORDPFADE, then please go to

We will be happy to provide you with further information for your leisure time activities on site.


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